About the Ecotoxicology Lab

Alison Robertson

Alison Robertson, Ph.D.

(James Cook University, 2005)

Over the past 15 years my research has focused on elucidation of the mechanisms of toxicity and resistance, and health impacts of natural toxins and anthropogenic contaminants in marine and freshwater at multiple levels of organization (bio-molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem). I have a strong interest in understanding impacts of chemical contaminants in aquatic organisms and ecosystems, particularly the sub-lethal effects on behavior, reproduction, immune system, and nervous system function.

Graduate Students

Brian Klimek

Brian Klimek

Linking Ciguatoxicity to Life History and Ecology of Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) in the Western Atlantic.

M.S. candidate 2013-2015 (Marine Sciences), University of South Alabama

Advisors: Drs. A. Robertson & W. Patterson

Jessica Frank

Jessica Frank

Understanding the Health Impacts of Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning in West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus) in Alabama coastal waters.

M.S. candidate 2013-2015 (Env. Toxicology), University of South Alabama

Advisors: Drs. A. Robertson & R. Carmichael

Katie Baltzer

Katie Baltzer

Investigating the lethality and behavioral effects of ciguatoxin exposure in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

M.S. candidate (Mar. Environmental Studies), University of the Virgin Islands. Fulltime in the Robertson Lab since May 2014

University Advisor: Dr. Tyler Smith, Center for Marine and Environmental Studies, University of the Virgin Islands.

Summer Students, Interns and Volunteers

Emma Vaters

Emma Vaters

Summer 2014- B.S. Candidate, Auburn University


Billie Mroz


Summer 2014 M.S. Candidate, Springhill University

Post Docs

Dr. Justin Liefer

Dr. Justin Liefer

(ECOHAB-CIGUAHAB Postdoctoral Fellow)

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